Darlene Wells

My writing buddies, aka The Posse. I've been writing with these ladies for 15 years and we travel from all over the country, to meet up once a year for our Posse Retreat.  From left to right: Kim Vogel Sawyer, Jalana Franklin, Connie Stevens, myself, Margie Vawter, Eileen Key, Kristian Libel.
My mom & dad. They were married 50 years when we lost Dad in June 2017. He left an enormous hole in our lives that won't be made whole until we see him again in Heaven.
My family: Husband, Rick and sons, Kyle (in purple) and Zach (behind me). This photo reminds me, it's time to for an updated
photo shoot!
My Gracie Girl!
I went back and toured my high school a while ago and was thrilled to take this picture.  This is the classroom where I took creative writing during my senior year. The teacher, for some reason, had it out for me, and was awful to me, always marking my writing extremely low, and telling me that my "sappy" stories would never make me 
a writer. She was the only teacher in all my school years who did not encourage my writing. I always suspected she had a grudge because I wove my faith into my writing. She also assumed I wanted to have a career in writing, when actually, I didn't have that kind of confidence in myself to begin with. So her glee in telling me I'd never be a writer made no sense to me LOL.  I sure wish she'd been around for me to give her signed copies of my books!
What's a photo page without baby pics?!